In My Pockets – EDC Meme

1. 1911 / Galco Royal Guard Holster
2. Spare Magazine
3. Surefire 3P Flashlight
4. Victorinox Swiss Knife
5. Benchmade 942 Osbourne Folder
6. MotoFone
7. Maxpedition Wallet
8. Keys / ASP LED Key Holder
9. iPad
10. Sharpie Fine Point Pen


EDIT: I swapped the lower picture to one that shows the pattern better.

HUGE Dragonfly on my patio ceiling the other night… 


Check out that camo pattern!


I’m going to try to make a T-shirt.

Got Junk?


Tactical Folding Mountain Bike


The Paratrooper® is a full size, 24 speed mountain bike designed to endure any terrain at high speed in silence with no heat signature. In addition to the high performance feature, the bike folds simply without the use of tools.

By turning one quick lever, the Paratrooper® folds in less than 30 seconds into 3′ x 3′ pack that can be dropped from a plane, strapped to the side of an LAV or thrown in the back of a trunk. 


Montague Paratrooper- Tactical Folding Mountain Bike

Just Because I Shoot Like a Man Doesn’t Mean I Have To Look Like One

pipOur products are designed by and for women—and only women. Safety is always priority number one, but unlike other manufacturers, sex appeal and comfort are a very close second. Because of our devotion to women, PIP will make a donation to breast cancer research with every purchase.

They sell earmuffs, range glasses, cable and trigger locks, apparel, target sheets, and more. All in pink.

Holster Break-In

One of my favorite commercially available holsters is the Galco Royal Guard. It is a horsehide holster made with the rough side out and has a smooth leather pocket with a reinforced mouth. It has been my daily carry for almost 2 years.


I’ve always wanted to try out Galco’s Summer Comfort holster made of premium saddle leather, but I didn’t like the natural tan color they offered. Gotta match the belt, you know. If only they made ‘em in black…

P1010027Well, a few weeks ago I noticed we were getting some in that were black so I decided to check one out.

I am constantly amazed at how often customers bring back their new holsters complaining that it’s too small, the gun doesn’t fit, or worse yet the handgun is stuck in the holster. When I try to explain that high quality holsters like these are made with a tight fit and will require a break-in period, more than half balk at the idea, instead opting to exchange their $80.00+ holsters for something of the cheap nylon variety. (Not there’s anything wrong with cheap nylon holsters, each has its place.)

I like stiffness in leather so I don’t use any sort of oil on a holster. I don’t twist or knead an empty holster to stretch it out to get it to fit. This will eventually soften the holster and lessen retention and boning, turning your new holster into a large limp noodle.

Here’s how I break-in a new holster:

First, using an unloaded handgun (check it, now check it again), I holster the pistol several times. If it gets stuck, hold the holster in one hand, pistol in the other and gently twist the two in opposite directions while pulling. After repeatedly holstering 20 or so times, I leave the handgun in the holster overnight. Then I put it on and wear it for the day.

P1010024If it’s still too tight, as all mine have been, I block it out a bit, wrapping the unloaded handgun (check, check, check) with a layer or two of wax paper. Work the handgun in and out a few times and let it sit overnight. If it is still too tight, you can keep adding a layer or two each time until you get it close to the desired fit. This may take several days.  Remember, once it’s stretched, it’s stretched, you cannot shrink it back! I finish the process by repeatedly drawing the weapon while the holster is actually being worn. Body heat, movement and use allow everything to conform to your body and handgun.

You have to be patient. Take your time and you’ll be rewarded with a perfect fit.


How do you break in your holsters?

Water, Water, Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to Drink*

pur2Clean, fresh drinking water is essential to human and other life. In the outdoors, water needs to be purified before it is safe to drink. There are several ways one can do this including boiling, chemical and UV.

One packet of PUR Purifier of Water, about 1 tablespoon of powder, will purify 2.5 gallons of water.  It contains time-released chlorine and removes dirt, viruses, parasitic cysts, pollutants and bacteria.  A flocculating agent clumps all the bad stuff together and then you filter the water through a cloth.  The whole process takes 30 minutes.


They’re about $18 for  a box of 6, which will treat 15 gallons.  Pretty inexpensive and small enough to stash anywhere. It doesn’t require fire or electricity and no chemical taste.

I’m going to be adding these to my manpurse bag.

*The Rime of the Ancient Mariner


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