Apparently I'm Not the Only One.

There were several people who didn’t notice the doe in the Browning logo in my previous post.

I guess a larger image would have helped.

Click to reveal the doe.

Call Me Dense…

I’ve been staring at a three foot Browning Buckmark logo on the wall here at work for more than two years.browning_sig

I just noticed the doe.  Do you see it?

Apparently it was just dumb luck.

Bailey remembers that a short time after the approval of the logo a fellow Browning employee commented on how much he liked the logo and how interesting he found the image of the doe within Buckmark. Bailey responded, “What doe?” Somewhat confused, he didn’t push the issue. He went back to his office and studied the logo for some time before the reverse image of the doe finally appeared to him as well. According to Bailey, “I really like the doe in the Buckmark, and consider it a happy accident.”

Celebrating 30 Years of the Browning Buckmark Logo.

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