Last Friday night I went out with some coworkers to see Napalm Death, an English extreme metal band. They are noted for being the first band to play grindcore style metal.

By the time the opening band had finished their set I was having a pretty good time and felt the need to jump in the mosh pit. I charged in and immediately got slammed down on my ass. HARD. After being picked up and pointed in the right direction, I found my feet and proceeded to run around unleashing 38+ years of rage and fury. 

I got to meet several of the bands playing that night and left with no head injuries. My legs and ass are still sore and I think I sprained my wrist. Pretty good night in my book.

Sunday I celebrated all the great Mothers in my life. We had an awesome Mother’s Day brunch at DD’s mom’s house. We enjoyed some great food, ate way too much and were all ready for a nap when we got home. Unfortunately, we returned to find our kitchen light hanging by a wire! Literally.

It looked like someone had jumped up and pulled it off the ceiling. My first thought was that maybe there was a leak and the ceiling was wet, but everything seemed fine. Then I noticed that the fixture was only held in place by two little toggle bolts instead of using four or even six. The ceiling just couldn’t bear the weight anymore and gave way.

 After a quick planning session, we headed off to Home Depot. Spent $2.35 on a couple of new toggle bolts (whoever put this up saved maybe a buck and some change by not using two more). If DD or I had been in the kitchen, we’d have been laid out. The Newt was safely below maximum head bonking range. Anyway, a few hours later, all is back to normal.

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