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HUGE Dragonfly on my patio ceiling the other night… 


Check out that camo pattern!


I’m going to try to make a T-shirt.

Rampart Range Shooting Range Closed

The U.S. Forest Service announced this morning an emergency closure of the Rampart Range shooting range, where a man died in a shooting accident on Saturday. There is no decision on when the range will reopen.

The Forest Service plans to barricade access to the range with concrete and barbed wire.

Rampart Range shooting range closed

Man Killed at Colorado Springs Shooting Range

Otis Freison of Aurora was killed Saturday. Authorities say Freison was shot in the chest while shooting with friends at the Rampart Range Road shooting area, which is on U.S. Forest Service land. The range is in the Pike National Forest, near the Garden of the Gods park.

I mentioned this range in this post.

“Someone didn’t clear their weapon properly,” El Paso County Sheriff Lt. Lari Sevene told The Denver Post.

Someone didn’t do a lot of things properly.

A National Rifle Association-sponsored shooting range adviser inspected the trash-strewn site in April 2007, according to a decision memo on the Forest Service Web site.

The adviser “recommended that supervision on site was needed immediately,” the memo said.

In 2006, an article in The (Colorado Springs) Gazette described the range as chaotic and full of trash, from beer cans to computer monitors and refrigerators.

I haven’t been to this range in over 10 years. It was a scary place then. I can only imagine what it’s like now.

Man killed at Colorado Springs shooting range

Got Junk?


Coexist This!

Driving to work this morning, I get cut off by some idiot in a Subaru. Not a soul behind us as far as the eye can see… you know the scenario. When he gets in front of me I notice the ‘Coexist’ bumper sticker.

Apparently he thinks I should be the one to make way and ‘coexist’ with him, rather than he ‘coexist’ with the rest of the fucking world.

Stupid hippy.

Tactical Folding Mountain Bike


The Paratrooper® is a full size, 24 speed mountain bike designed to endure any terrain at high speed in silence with no heat signature. In addition to the high performance feature, the bike folds simply without the use of tools.

By turning one quick lever, the Paratrooper® folds in less than 30 seconds into 3′ x 3′ pack that can be dropped from a plane, strapped to the side of an LAV or thrown in the back of a trunk. 


Montague Paratrooper- Tactical Folding Mountain Bike

Just Because I Shoot Like a Man Doesn’t Mean I Have To Look Like One

pipOur products are designed by and for women—and only women. Safety is always priority number one, but unlike other manufacturers, sex appeal and comfort are a very close second. Because of our devotion to women, PIP will make a donation to breast cancer research with every purchase.

They sell earmuffs, range glasses, cable and trigger locks, apparel, target sheets, and more. All in pink.

Come and Fry Them!



kitten3-webBeen busy. Since DD started her new job our schedules have been reversed. I’m getting the Newt ready for school and dropping him off before work. Also, we’re being audited at work. More posts soon.

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