Have a Happy Halloween Everyone!


I Got You Babe


Sonny & Cher

Groovy Baby!


Can you Dig it?




Bad Night


I got run over by a car.

In the Trailer Park

Here’s an old one of me and DD at a White Trash costume party.


Simply Irresistible

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I’d post some pictures of past costumes.

First up is this gem from about ’89 when my┬ábest friend and I dressed up as Robert Palmer girls. Polaroid even.


Yeah, that’s me on the left…

We won ‘Best Costume’ that night and ended up with open bar tabs for the whole night.

New Training Drill: "The Valdez"

Shooter stands facing away from target. Cup of coffee in hand. At signal shooter turns, throws coffee at target, draws and fires 2 shots.

Dramatic Recreation

“As I launched my battle mug full of double espresso towards my attacker’s unyielding face. I bladed my body weak-side while preparing to dive and roll to his off-hand side. I drew my Beretta from my pocket mid-roll, noting it seemed like an eternity to bring it to bear. I was blinded briefly from the glare on his massive blade. Undeterred I bore down on him yelling ‘Stop!'”

Read the rest of the story.

Kitty No!

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