Dramatic Recreation

“As I launched my battle mug full of double espresso towards my attacker’s unyielding face. I bladed my body weak-side while preparing to dive and roll to his off-hand side. I drew my Beretta from my pocket mid-roll, noting it seemed like an eternity to bring it to bear. I was blinded briefly from the glare on his massive blade. Undeterred I bore down on him yelling ‘Stop!'”

Read the rest of the story.

6 Responses to Dramatic Recreation

  1. NinjaViking says:



  2. Salamander for the WIN!!

  3. CueBall says:

    Most awesome Sal!

  4. Hysterical! You truly need to finish it…

  5. Jay G. says:

    Are you telling us you’re a fan of Caleb’s now?

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