Blogorado Weekend Day One

I had planned on heading down to FarmGirl’s place around noon Friday, but it took me a while to get everything located and packed up. Just as I was about ready to start heading out, I received a phone call from the elementary school. The Newt had thrown up in the cafeteria at lunch and someone needed to come pick him up. After we got back home, I finished getting everything together and waited for DD to get off work so I could head out.

Finally hit the road after gassing up and made it all of 9 miles in the first 20 minutes due to an accident further south on the interstate. At this point the sun was beginning to set so I decided to call FarmGirl and the hotel I was staying at to let them know I would be there much later than anticipated.

I settled in and drove on south through the evening looking for signs and hoping I hadn’t missed an exit in the dark. (Damn you daylight savings!) I was hoping to enjoy some new scenery on the trip down. Here’s what southern Colorado looks like at night.


It looks like DARK.

I finally arrived at the hotel parking lot about 9:30 PM, found the room key they had hidden under the door mat for me and unloaded my bags. As I was standing outside, I spied Ambulance Driver coming out of his room to fetch something from his truck. We made eye-contact and said “Howdy.” Not knowing who I was, I know he went back inside thinking “Huh, Sumdood is loitering around outside.” I spent about 30 minutes futzing with the wi-fi with no success so I called it a night and went to bed.

6 Responses to Blogorado Weekend Day One

  1. It was fantastic to meet you at Blogorado. LawDog and I hope to see you again soon!

  2. Sal, it was so wonderful to meet you in person! I hope the Newt is feeling better, poor tyke.

  3. Old NFO says:

    Sal, that was fun, sorry you had to leave early!

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