Blogorado Weekend Day Two – Part One

Saturday morning, I went to the front desk to thank them for leaving the key out for me and get the wireless login info. Grabbed a cup of coffee and finally logged on to see what was happening. Snarky notified me that breakfast was in 30 minutes. Gay_Cynic said he was just a few doors over, so we all met up and headed over. 

I started to get really nervous as we walked across the street to the restaurant for breakfast. We walked in and I met FarmGirl, FarmMom, FarmDadAmublance Driver and Katy Beth, ChristinaLMT, AEPilot_Jim, Labrat and Stingray, OldNFO, Breda, and Alan all at once!

Just to be safe, the waitress hid put us in our own room and everyone chatted while we either waited for, or ate our breakfasts.  Plans for the day were all set so we gathered in the parking lot where JayG even made a virtual appearance via cell phone.

We drove to FarmHouse, loaded up our trucks and headed out to the range for a full day of shooting. While we were talking and waiting for final range prep to be completed, people gathered round to get a glimpse of my legendary knee beards*. Soon afterwards Phlegmfatale and LawDog arrived.

There were so many guns, I don’t remember them all. We shot at poppers, plates, and paper with handguns and at targets, tennis balls and tannerite with rifles. Everyone was wearing the shooter grin. At sunset, we packed up and headed back to town to wash up and meet back at FarmHouse for dinner.

*Photo by AEPilot_Jim

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