Blogorado Weekend Day Two – Part Two

I rode over to Mamaw’s with Ambulance Driver, Katy Beth and Gay_Cynic and we met up with everyone else. FarmMom brought out a dish of yummy looking battered fried meat chunks. “Yum, these are delicious. What are they?” I asked while popping a few more in my mouth. “I’ll tell you when you finish,” FarmMom replied. Turns out I had just had my first taste of the delicacy known as Rocky Mountain oysters.

I tried some of Stingray’s excellent home-brewed beer and it was very tasty to say the least. FarmDad announced that dinner was served so we all grabbed a plate and loaded up on chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and bread.

I consider myself a little bit of a chicken fried steak connoisseur. I have eaten chicken fried steak all over the country. I have gone so far as to have my mother-in-law freeze and fedex me some overnight. Just because.

Unfortunately, someone is going to have to be dropped from my Top 3 Chicken Fried Steak’s Ever list, because FarmMom’s chicken fried steak blew them all away!* It is seriously on a whole other level. This is the One by which all others shall be judged. Seriously.

After dinner, we all sat around and listened to stories and told jokes. AEPilot_Jim got a lap dance from Ambulance Driver, much to everyone’s delight. It was getting late, I was tired and OldNFO offered me a ride back to the hotel. It still took me another hour to wind down and fall asleep.

*Just to be clear, my mother-in-law’s chicken fried steak is still on the list.

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