MC Kneebeard

[12:04] <TouchYourNaffy> let it be known that I manufacture the baddest raps, walkin’ into battle raps carryin’ a battle axe. Open mic? Fuck that. I’ll provoke a fight, place your best cards down like its pokernight. You think you know naffy? This fag’s got heart. Tarb’s as toy as a matchbox cart, I’m reppin Melb for props, so you know my shits tops.
[12:04] <TouchYourNaffy> :d
[12:05] <+Salamander> Actually, your raps aren’t that tight. It’s like walking in the pitch black of night, Nothing to see here. You gone flat like old beer. Wipe that grin off your face. You’re a disgrace.
[12:06] <TouchYourNaffy> FACE AND DISGRACE?
[12:06] <TouchYourNaffy> LOL?
[12:06] <TouchYourNaffy> brosef, im 14.
[12:06] <TouchYourNaffy> And i’m freestyling.
[12:06] <TouchYourNaffy> You think you are shit?
[12:06] <TouchYourNaffy> Suck my prepubescent testicles.
[12:07] <+Salamander> From the reaction I elicited, It looks like my rap fits; it did.
[12:07] <+Salamander> \o|
[12:07] <+Salamander> |o/
[12:09] <+Salamander> Sit down shorty. This is MY house!

2 Responses to MC Kneebeard

  1. Snarky says:

    Once again, Sal wins the internet.

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