Overheard at the Gun Counter

Customer: I need a box of forty.

Me: .40 Smith & Wesson? No problem.

Customer: No! .40 Ruger.

Me: Right. (I hand him the box.)

Next Customer: You get that a lot?

Me: (Sigh) Yeah…


Target of Opportunity

Came home the other night and saw two turkeys in my driveway. While I was
pondering the usefulness of my Glock 23, they flew/hopped up on the roof.

I ran upstairs to take another pic and they had jumped up to the top.

Gobble! Gobble!

Easter Eggs

Here’s Some Easter Eggs we dyed.

The Newt made a turtle.

I made a Snow Wolf with a lightning bolt stripe.

And DD made an Evil Bunny. 🙂

Hope You All had a Happy Easter.

S&W 329 Night Guard Kaboom!

This happened on the third round fired in a new S&W 329 Night Guard (not mine).

 Ammo was Remington .44 Mag 180 Gr. JSP.

 The top strap was nowhere to be found.

So Tactical…

<Stingray> I’m so tactical I’ve got rails on my hog.



<wrm> I don’t think that’s *quite* what Stingray meant, Sal

Refusing to be a Victim

Eighty-three-year-old Betty Romano has a simple message for the bad guys: “Nobody better mess with me.”

She was home on the phone when she saw a man approach her front door, ring the doorbell, knock and then leave. Minutes later, she watched him begin prying at her back door with a crowbar.

She said she’ll be taking new precautions against would-be burglars. “I’ve got something in mind. But I don’t want it published,” she said.

Heh, Smith & Wesson or Colt?

Two Years?

Today is the second birthday of my little blog.

I can’t believe it’s been two years since my first post.

Thank You All for stopping by. 😀

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