S&W 329 Night Guard Kaboom!

This happened on the third round fired in a new S&W 329 Night Guard (not mine).

 Ammo was Remington .44 Mag 180 Gr. JSP.

 The top strap was nowhere to be found.

15 Responses to S&W 329 Night Guard Kaboom!

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  2. Hobie says:

    Doesn’t look like a “kaboom” to me, looks as though the frame simply came apart at the point where the barrel traditional joins the frame. The actual barrel is in one piece as is the cylinder.

  3. Will Brown says:

    That looks disturbingly familiar. Hope no-one was injured as a result in your episode either.

    It is a tempting title isn’t it? 🙂 Still, Hobie and Tam are technically correct; the barrel and cylinder remain unbreached so it wasn’t a traditional Ka-BOOM due to extreme overpressure. I went with self-initiated disassembly in the text, but that’s a bit unweildy for a catchy title I think. If S&W keeps this up we shooters are going to have to make something catchy and descriptive up for these events.

    That really would be bad PR for S&W.

    It’ll all happen at their own pace, but Smith really is quite professional in their treatment of such occurances. Have patience and they’ll eventually make it right with you.

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  5. Old NFO says:

    I’m almost wondering if that was an assembly failure? Looks like something got missed when the gun was built, as everything but the top strap appears to be there and in one piece.

  6. wrm says:

    Hmmm, not much of a safety factor on those then. Figures, actually. Them things are made to be as light as possible, so they’re skirting the edge… this one stepped inside the line.

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  8. M says:

    Maybe somehow the cylinder was miss aligned and it was still able to fire and the bullet hit the forcing cone at an off angle blowing the end of the gun off….. I’m not sure how that would be possible. I would check that little cylinder locking mechanism that sits under the cylinder. I hope this never happens to my 629. That would make me cry I love the gun and have never had any problems with it and I even load my own ammo.

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  12. Mike Lukas says:

    I have the very same gun 44 magnum snub 329NG and after 5 rounds it exploded in my hands… I (being a photographer) took a picture AFTER it was shot at S&W QC range and BEFORE I ever shot the gun. After it exploded I checked my “BEFORE” photos and sure enough there was a fracture line under the barrel where it meets the frame (above the “J”) so it fractured when S&W did the test fire and was defective before it left S&W. I sent it back to them and I’m waiting for a reply. I think it’s the Scandium alloy and the thin casting under the barrel (above the “J”) at the frame that is the weakest link. I’d leave some photos but I don’t see a way to post an attachment .
    L A T E R

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