Hope You All Had A Merry Christmas!

Christmas Gun Ads via Retronaut.

S&W 329 Night Guard Kaboom!

This happened on the third round fired in a new S&W 329 Night Guard (not mine).

 Ammo was Remington .44 Mag 180 Gr. JSP.

 The top strap was nowhere to be found.

Beretta S687 EL Gold Pigeon II

Beretta S687 EL Gold Pigeon II 28″ 12 Ga.


*Photo by Oleg Volk

Blogorado II – Part Two

The next morning we all met up for breakfast and then got our gear and headed to the range.

I brought my dueling tree down and we got it set up. The next several hours were spent shooting steel plates and taking turns on the dueling tree. I lost a lot of duels, but tied some and even won a few. Considering the competition, I was fairly pleased.

Later, after lunch, we moved over to rifles. While others were out setting targets up out on the range, OldNFO gave me a hand making sure my straight-out-of-the-box M&P15 was lubed and good to go. Several of us had a go at a 1/2 sized target at 550 yds. With OldNFO spotting, he was able to get me on target and I nailed it on the third shot in winds up to 15 knots.

A brief rain shower cooled things off, and I was ready to pack it up when Ambulance Driver pulled his truck around and said he was going prairie dog hunting. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, I joined Ambulance Driver, Gay_Cynic and Vine as we tried to navigate the slickest road I have ever driven on in my life. Upon safely reaching our destination, we were rewarded with a Double Rainbow!

We set out stalking the prairie dogs and looking for targets of opportunity for the next couple of hours before sunset. I really enjoyed hanging out with these guys, and actually bagged my first prairie dog.

We returned in time for dinner and more great conversation. I was pretty beat and decided to  try to get to bed a little earlier than the night before. As I was heading out, FarmDad asked me if I would let Oleg use my M&P15 for a photo shoot the next afternoon.

We all met up for breakfast again in the morning and returned to the range to meet up with Oleg and I realized I was going to be in the photo shoot along with the M&P15. FarmMom and FarmDad drove us around the area scouting for a good location. The photo shoot took up the next couple of hours and it was time for me to head home.

I had a great time and you can’t imagine what a great bunch of people this is. Thanks FarmGirl, FarmMom and FarmDad for your generosity!

Blogorado II – Part One

Last Thursday I got to meet my friend Vine as he was heading through on his way to Blogorado. We stopped for some burgers and beer and chatted for several hours before he set off again. He’s a great guy and I really enjoyed getting to know him.

On Saturday, I met TD, another real great guy, and Carrie, who is sweet as pie, at the airport. After stopping for lunch it was time to caravan down to Blogorado. We made excellent time and arrived in time to check in to our rooms and rest a bit while we waited for folks to return from the range.

Refreshed, we  headed over to Mamaw’s to meet FarmGirl, FarmMom, FarmDad, Gay_Cynic, OldNFO, Singray and LabRat, AEPilotJim, Ambulance Driver, MattG, JPG, Phlegmfatale and LawDog, Peter and Wing, Vine and Oleg. We all enjoyed some of FarmMom’s Chicken Fried Steak and Stingray’s delicious NerdBeer.

I was sad to hear AEPilotJim had to head out for a flight, but it was great to see him again. Everyone gathered round and with such a great bunch of people it was easy to float from group to group and the conversations easily flowed late into the night.

American Airlines “Loses” Israeli PM’s Bodyguard’s Glocks

Glocks in Israeli PM’s bodyguard’s luggage on American Airlines flight have been lost stolen.

A bag belonging to agents travelling with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was mistakenly put on a flight from New York to Los Angeles, not to Washington.

Alarmingly the bag contained four 9mm Glock handguns, which are now missing.

By the time the luggage was located and recovered, the guns had disappeared, and are presumed to have been stolen.

US Airline ‘Loses Netanyahu Bodyguard Guns’

XRAIL Systems

The NEW XRAIL System from RCI is an auto indexing loader for shotguns. Operating as a magazine extension for shotguns, it allows up to 23 rounds to be loaded without modifications your gun and no gunsmiting required.

XRAIL Systems are Xtreme Roth Auto Indexing Loaders for shotguns.  It is a magazine extension system for shotguns that will allow a shotgun to have extra usable rounds of ammunition.  An XRAIL System loads the same way you would normally load your gun.  Once the main tube is full, you rotate the XRAIL System to the next auxiliary tube and load.  You repeat until all tubes are full.   When you shoot, the tubes will automatically rotate back to the main tube as the ammunition is unloaded.  The XRAIL System is flexible enough to be “topped off” or if not needed, you do not have to fill the auxiliary tubes and just use the main tube like you would normally use your shotgun.

 Currently available for:

  • Remington® System:  Works on Remington® 870, 1187, 1100 12ga shotguns
  • Benelli® System:  Works on Benelli® SBE, SBE2, M1, M2, M2 tactical 12ga shotguns
  • FNH System: Works on FNH SLP shotgun
  • Mossberg® System:  Works on Mossberg® 930/930 SPX shotgun

More info at  XRAILbyRCI

In My Pockets – EDC Meme

1. 1911 / Galco Royal Guard Holster
2. Spare Magazine
3. Surefire 3P Flashlight
4. Victorinox Swiss Knife
5. Benchmade 942 Osbourne Folder
6. MotoFone
7. Maxpedition Wallet
8. Keys / ASP LED Key Holder
9. iPad
10. Sharpie Fine Point Pen


CAA Tactical has announced the Roni-G1 pistol-rifle conversion kit for full-size Glock models with light rails (17,18,19,21,22,31,32) which turns your pistol in to a small rifle. What’s neat is that this is an enclosure which houses the entire pistol.

The RONI-G1 is constructed of aluminum and polymer, has three Picatinny rails, integral spare magazine holder and includes a detachable folding forearm grip. Available January 2010.

As Alan mentioned to me, if you own one and the pistol it goes on, you better have an NFA tax on it.

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