Buzz Saw Blade Crossbow


Best 1911 Multi-Tool?

I’ve been thinking about picking up some sort of multi-tool for 1911’s

Any recommendations?

On The Bandwagon

What better way to start blogging again than a meme?

(click for large)

My well-used Benchmade 942 Osbourne Folder which many of you have seen before (I think I’ve had it for nearly 15 years) along with a brand new CRKT Folts Minimalist Tanto.

Cold Weather Gear

I don’t know about you, but I’m adding these to my emergency car kit right now!

The Tactical Hoodie-Footie.


*Photo by Oleg Volk

My First Benchmade

This was my first Benchmade knife, and one of my favorites. I think I got it around 1994 or so.

It has a tanto style blade with reverse serrations. The handle is very basic, smooth and with no guard to prevent your hand slipping down the blade. This knife is for slashing and cutting rather than stabbing.

At 9″ open, it’s a decent sized knife with a 4″ blade. I didn’t measure it, but I’d say the blade thickness is about 3/16″. It’s 5″ closed.

There are no markings other than ‘Benchmade  USA’ and the Bali-Song butterfly logo. I’d love to find out what model this is and who designed it. I either threw the box out long ago, or it’s sitting somewhere in the abyss called ‘the garage.’ If anyone has a clue, please comment.

This knife is also the only one I’ve ever dropped in a public toilet. 😛

iPhone MOE

“Designed to protect your iPhone in the field, this semi-ridged rubber case shields your phone from drops. PMAG type ridges aid grip. Has internal storage space for Apple Sim Removal tool. Designed by Magpul in Colorado. Made in Colorado.”

*Release Delayed

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