Target of Opportunity

Came home the other night and saw two turkeys in my driveway. While I was
pondering the usefulness of my Glock 23, they flew/hopped up on the roof.

I ran upstairs to take another pic and they had jumped up to the top.

Gobble! Gobble!

Refusing to be a Victim

Eighty-three-year-old Betty Romano has a simple message for the bad guys: “Nobody better mess with me.”

She was home on the phone when she saw a man approach her front door, ring the doorbell, knock and then leave. Minutes later, she watched him begin prying at her back door with a crowbar.

She said she’ll be taking new precautions against would-be burglars. “I’ve got something in mind. But I don’t want it published,” she said.

Heh, Smith & Wesson or Colt?

Blogorado II – Part Two

The next morning we all met up for breakfast and then got our gear and headed to the range.

I brought my dueling tree down and we got it set up. The next several hours were spent shooting steel plates and taking turns on the dueling tree. I lost a lot of duels, but tied some and even won a few. Considering the competition, I was fairly pleased.

Later, after lunch, we moved over to rifles. While others were out setting targets up out on the range, OldNFO gave me a hand making sure my straight-out-of-the-box M&P15 was lubed and good to go. Several of us had a go at a 1/2 sized target at 550 yds. With OldNFO spotting, he was able to get me on target and I nailed it on the third shot in winds up to 15 knots.

A brief rain shower cooled things off, and I was ready to pack it up when Ambulance Driver pulled his truck around and said he was going prairie dog hunting. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, I joined Ambulance Driver, Gay_Cynic and Vine as we tried to navigate the slickest road I have ever driven on in my life. Upon safely reaching our destination, we were rewarded with a Double Rainbow!

We set out stalking the prairie dogs and looking for targets of opportunity for the next couple of hours before sunset. I really enjoyed hanging out with these guys, and actually bagged my first prairie dog.

We returned in time for dinner and more great conversation. I was pretty beat and decided to  try to get to bed a little earlier than the night before. As I was heading out, FarmDad asked me if I would let Oleg use my M&P15 for a photo shoot the next afternoon.

We all met up for breakfast again in the morning and returned to the range to meet up with Oleg and I realized I was going to be in the photo shoot along with the M&P15. FarmMom and FarmDad drove us around the area scouting for a good location. The photo shoot took up the next couple of hours and it was time for me to head home.

I had a great time and you can’t imagine what a great bunch of people this is. Thanks FarmGirl, FarmMom and FarmDad for your generosity!

Blogorado II – Part One

Last Thursday I got to meet my friend Vine as he was heading through on his way to Blogorado. We stopped for some burgers and beer and chatted for several hours before he set off again. He’s a great guy and I really enjoyed getting to know him.

On Saturday, I met TD, another real great guy, and Carrie, who is sweet as pie, at the airport. After stopping for lunch it was time to caravan down to Blogorado. We made excellent time and arrived in time to check in to our rooms and rest a bit while we waited for folks to return from the range.

Refreshed, we  headed over to Mamaw’s to meet FarmGirl, FarmMom, FarmDad, Gay_Cynic, OldNFO, Singray and LabRat, AEPilotJim, Ambulance Driver, MattG, JPG, Phlegmfatale and LawDog, Peter and Wing, Vine and Oleg. We all enjoyed some of FarmMom’s Chicken Fried Steak and Stingray’s delicious NerdBeer.

I was sad to hear AEPilotJim had to head out for a flight, but it was great to see him again. Everyone gathered round and with such a great bunch of people it was easy to float from group to group and the conversations easily flowed late into the night.

iPhone MOE

“Designed to protect your iPhone in the field, this semi-ridged rubber case shields your phone from drops. PMAG type ridges aid grip. Has internal storage space for Apple Sim Removal tool. Designed by Magpul in Colorado. Made in Colorado.”

*Release Delayed

Now Available: Blogorado Merchandise

Ooh! Check This out!

My Blogorado patch on a mug or t-shirt! I know you want one.

FarmGirl has set up a Blogorado Zazzle site featuring Blogorado inspired graphics from Sci-Fi and your’s truly.

Proceeds benefit Blogorado 2010, so the more you buy, the more scrappy nibbles!

Thanks FarmGirl!

Blogorado Patch


Click for full-size. Also available with white background.

No Charges in Death at Rampart Range

A forensic firearms examiner investigated Curtis’ pistol and discovered that there was a defect which could cause it to discharge when the slide was dropped even if the trigger wasn’t pulled.

Maintain your weapons people.

No charges in accidental death at Rampart Range firing range

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Rampart Range Shooting Range Closed

The U.S. Forest Service announced this morning an emergency closure of the Rampart Range shooting range, where a man died in a shooting accident on Saturday. There is no decision on when the range will reopen.

The Forest Service plans to barricade access to the range with concrete and barbed wire.

Rampart Range shooting range closed

Man Killed at Colorado Springs Shooting Range

Otis Freison of Aurora was killed Saturday. Authorities say Freison was shot in the chest while shooting with friends at the Rampart Range Road shooting area, which is on U.S. Forest Service land. The range is in the Pike National Forest, near the Garden of the Gods park.

I mentioned this range in this post.

“Someone didn’t clear their weapon properly,” El Paso County Sheriff Lt. Lari Sevene told The Denver Post.

Someone didn’t do a lot of things properly.

A National Rifle Association-sponsored shooting range adviser inspected the trash-strewn site in April 2007, according to a decision memo on the Forest Service Web site.

The adviser “recommended that supervision on site was needed immediately,” the memo said.

In 2006, an article in The (Colorado Springs) Gazette described the range as chaotic and full of trash, from beer cans to computer monitors and refrigerators.

I haven’t been to this range in over 10 years. It was a scary place then. I can only imagine what it’s like now.

Man killed at Colorado Springs shooting range

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