Biscuit Jesus

This is my favorite Nativity set of DD’s.

Behold! The Jesus Biscuit!

Veterans Day 2010 – Thank a vet

A sincere Thank You to every man and women who has worn the uniform.

Please take a few minutes today to remember those who serve, those who served and those who lost their lives in the service of our country.

Sun Flower

” I don’t like this one Dad. It’s girly.” – The Newt (6)


I just noticed the past few YouTube videos have embedding disabled.

Flowers in Hawaii

“I did this one at home. This is a picture made by me with lots of colors and designs and stuff. I got the idea from the flowers in Hawaii. It took a long time. When I was finished, I thought it was a masterpiece.” – The Newt (6)

Another Huge Dragonfly

The Newt and DD told me to go look on the patio for a suprise visitor last night.


Color Field Theory

Starting a new series of the Newt’s artwork with commentary.

“This is a rainbow I painted in preschool after learning about Color Field Theory and Mark Rothko.” – The Newt (6)

Better Late Than Never

I wanted to post this update earlier, but I blew my 4Runner up last week and left the camera in the car.

TheNewt drew this for my Father’s Day card. 😀

Happy Father’s Day

I really had a great weekend thanks to DD and the Newt!

Awesome 16 oz. ribeye with bleu cheese and walnut butter that makes you weep like a child Saturday evening with friends, delicious shrimp bake Sunday afternoon with the in-laws, New York style pizza  and a few holes of Wii golf with the family in the evening.

I hope you all had a great weekend too.

My Sentiments Exactly

 TheNewt brought home this bracelet he made at summer day camp.

He was trying to spell “FUN,” but couldn’t find an “N.” So, FU!

Happy Hump Day Everybody.

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