Hope You All Had A Merry Christmas!

Christmas Gun Ads via Retronaut.

Everyday I’m Shufflin

Doing Something Right

The other night, the Newt was expressing some concerns over someone breaking in our house through his bedroom window.  I explained to him that I’m here to protect him and that even with a ladder it would be pretty difficult and they would probably try someplace else easier.

“Not if they have a jet-pack.” he replied.

Seeing that his logic was sound, I had to concede that yes, if they had a jet-pack then maybe it was a possibility.

I came home from work last night and when I went to tuck him in, I found him asleep in his bed with his Nerf bat which he had written “Skull Cracker” on with a Sharpie, complete with a little skull. 😀

So let this be a warning to any jet-pack wearing burglars out there… Newt’s taking care of business.

What Caliber for Giant Grasshopper?

World’s biggest insect found – it’s so big it eats carrots

Best 1911 Multi-Tool?

I’ve been thinking about picking up some sort of multi-tool for 1911’s

Any recommendations?

Monday Morning Happiness


Today was ‘Dress as Someone You Admire’ day at Newt’s school.

I hope Alan is happy.

I’m A Great-Uncle!



Ready to head to work so I threw my coffee mug in the microwave for a quick 60 second heater like I do every morning before I dump it in a travel mug.

Grab the keys, wallet, reach for the warmed coffee and… AIEEEEEEEE!

The pain was so intense that my morning-brain just went into a “WTF! WTF? WTF! WTF?” loop.

I grab a pot holder and dump it in my travel mug and despite the 1000° surface temp of the mug, the coffee was still cold.

(Mug Shot)

The burn was so bad, it went immediately past the blister to second degree territory.

We have several of these style mugs and use them daily, yet this had never happened before. I checked the bottom of several of the other mugs and there were no warnings about microwave use on any of them.

Once the scorched mug had cooled, I turned it over and…

No. No it’s not. !@#$


The last two posts were done via my iPhone.

Took a hint from JayG and downloaded the WordPress app.

Now I have even more ways to not blog.

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